About Trinity


Trinity United Reformed Church encourages all people to pursue a life long, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ.  If this is your first time here, please take some time to browse the links and become familiar with us.  We are a lively community of about 440 people, young and old, committed to worshipping the Lord, knowing Him more fully, and serving Him in our lives. 

Each Sunday morning at 9:30 AM and afternoon at 3:30 PM we gather as a congregation to worship God together. During this time of worship we are led by our minister in prayer, in psalms and hymns sung by the entire congregation, in the sacraments (visual symbols of God’s grace to us – baptism of infants and holy communion), and in the preaching of God’s Word.

As God’s Word teaches us, Sunday is a day not only of rest from our labours, but also a day of worship – time set aside to allow God to speak to us, and we to Him communally.

What we sing about, pray for, and learn from God’s Word is then not left in the pews from Sunday to Sunday, but is to be applied throughout the work-week in whatever place and situation God has placed us, whether that be in the home, at school, or on the job.bluehymnal

God’s Word is trustworthy, true and applicable for all of life. Our triune God, the Creator of all things (Father), the Redeemer of our lives (Son), and the Comforter who leads us into the truth (Holy Spirit), is to be honoured not just on Sunday, but in every day he graciously gives us.

We are Christians because God, in His great mercy and love, has worked faith in our hearts.

We believe the Bible in all its parts to be the true and complete Word of God.

We believe that all people are created in God’s image, but that image was ruined, as was the rest of creation, by the sin of our first parents, Adam and Eve.

We believe that God in His love did not leave us in our sins and ultimate death, but promised to send a Saviour, His Son, to pay the penalty for our sin, so that, “whoever believes in Him (Jesus Christ) may have eternal life” (John 3:16b).

We believe that the Church’s place in this world is to serve as a “salt and light,” both a preserver of the truth and a beacon to that truth so that others, people walking in darkness, may be led to the Word, to the truth, and enjoy renewed fellowship with God.

We believe that this world will one day end in judgment. There will be a final restoration, a separation of the redeemed from the condemned. May we be found faithful on that day.


About Our Denomination

The United Reformed Churches of North America is a young federation that came into existence in November 1995. In November 2004 was received as a provisional member of the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council.

The United Reformed Churches in North America confess Jesus Christ as the only Savior and the Sovereign Lord over all of life. We are fully committed to the Bible in its entirety as the Word of God written, without error in all its parts, and to its teaching as set forth in the historic Reformed standards (the Three Forms of Unity) and in the Ecumenical Creeds.

Member churches are located throughout North America, from Northern British Columbia to South Florida, from Ontario to California.

Please visit the official URCNA website for more information about our denomination.

For more information about our church, please check out this F.A.Q.